A Manga Concept by Rin.


She had the idea with the story but the actual Manga a Friend of her in Real Life is drawing. This Friend is called Mizuki Tanaka.

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Takeshi has an huge crush on Aiko, while she doesn't want anything of him. But suddenly out of money problems Aiko's Family engage together with Takeshi's rich family Aiko and Takeshi. The problem now is that Aiko is the most popular girl in school and there are many guys who got a crush on her. Under them there is Tetsuya Fukui who believs in Magic. He uses the "Curse of Twins" on Takeshi and suddenly he meets Teiko. His fake Twin who just got one goal: Destroy his live.

Trivia Edit

  • Evil Twin is actually based on the Anime/Manga Ranma 1/2 but it started to gained own ideas and is now an pretty much diffrentt story. The only hints on the inspiration are some jokes and little Comic Scenes and Aiko Tanemura, Yuudai Akiyama and Yutaka Oshiro
  • Sometimes some scenes are also inspired by the Web Series Dick Figures but really just some.