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Jenny Aqua the Mercat


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Biographical Information
Full Name Princess Jennifer Aqua the Mercat
Birthplace Oceania, Castle Marine
DOB 6th of December 2000
  • Jenny (by mostly every Mobian)
  • Jen (by her friends)
  • Jen-Jen (by Clara, Tina, Mona and An Bing Wa)
  • Jennifer (by the most adults in her family)
  • Princess of the Arctic Sea (by the unroyal peoples from Oceania)
  • Kitty (by Brittany)
  • My Little Snowflake (by Lukas. He usually gets slapped after calling her that though)
Physical Description
Species Cat
Races Mermaid (Greenland Shark Mermaid)
Gender Female
Eye Color Ice Blue
Hair Color Ocean Blue
Fur Color Light Blue
Height 1.67 in Human Heigh
Weight 55 kg in Human Weight
Attire Loves to wear "Sailor" Clothes and Lolita Clothes
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Chaotic Good, "Rebel"
  • Team Music
  • Galaxy Warriors
  • Team Explosion
  • Team Blue
  • Main 7
Favorite Food
  • Pizza
  • Ice Cream
  • Donuts
  • Licorice
  • Seafood
  • Sprite
  • alcoholfree Cocktails
  • Her Friends
  • The Sea
  • Swimming
  • Playing Flute/Violin/Drums
  • Eating
  • Winter
  • Boys
  • Flirts
  • Bullies
  • Overprotective Family
  • Heath
  • Math
Ability Type Power
  • Water- and Icebending
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Video Games
Weapons Scythe that can transform into an archery bow
  • Violin
  • Flute
  • Drums
Extreme Gear Water Tornado

Jenny Aqua the Cat is the Main Sonic OC from Rin

History Edit

Jenny is the Princess of the Arctic Ocean. She was born in peace and in her childhood went pretty normal. Till her 7th Birthday where her best Friend Clea went to her Evil Version Evil!Jenny. As Jenny was 14 her Parents told her she should get married to Carlo what Jenny didn't wanted. So she flee from Oceania to Mobius where she met Lukas and those two made a deal that they have a Fake Relationship because then Jen doesn't have to marry Carlo. Sadly their Relationship doesn't look like one cause they are always arguing. Johan and Joe help their Relationship but while they do that these three triplets need to hide from Elisa and Phillip who followed them on Mobius.

Personallity Edit

Jenny is short tempered and really often screams around. Also she likes to throw things around. She is pretty loud and unpolite and very often talks before she thinks. She can be easy get grumpy but also laughs easily. She is also very talkative. She hates boys. She is also extremely curious and because of that often runs in fights or danger but she is almost scared of nothing. Also she is pretty proud of herself even if she is a bit clumsy.

Weaknesses: Edit

Is very very slow. Scared of Organs and Creepy Dolls.

Abilities and Powers: Edit

Jenny can bend Water like everyone in the Royal Family of Oceania. Tough she is together with her brother the only one under her siblings who is also able to bend ice. Also she got an Flute with which she can let the Northern Lights appear. Her Scythe transforms to an arc and when she shows the arrow there ice appears where the arrow lands. With the Scythe she can make Waves. Because of her lack of speed she uses her EG to be fast.

Parallel Forms Edit

Relationship's Edit

Best Friend: Edit

Fake-Boyfriend and secret crush: Edit

Other Friends: Edit

Rival's: Edit

Other Boy's who got a crush on her: Edit

Enemy's: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Jenny represents the Arctic Ocean
  • For the "Broken Magical Girl Rules in GW" also Jenny fulfills her part. Most of the time the blue Magical Girls are always calm and relaxed or something. Very Very often they are very smart. that doesn't fit to Jen. She has a short temper and is also very bad in school. The only other exeption that comes to my mind is Sayaka Miki
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