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Lily D Wolf

Lily by Yume-Yumie

Main Appearances
Other Appearances
Biographical Information
Full Name Princess Lilium Darkness the Wolf
Birthplace Dark Moon
DOB 28 June 2000
  • Lil (by close friends)
  • Lilium (by Laura and Artemis)
  • Lils (by Yume)
  • Noodle (by Lilith)
Physical Description
Species Wolf
  • Angel
  • Kitsune
Gender Female
Eye Color
  • Federal Blue (Left, for us right)
  • Honeydew (Right, for us left)
Hair Color
  • Grey
  • Federal Blue
  • Honeydew
Fur Color Cyan
Secondary Fur Color Celeste
Height 3'3" (95 cm)
Weight 73Ibs (35k)
Attire Hoodies, pants and absolutely no sleeves.
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Chaotic Good, "Rebel"
  • Galaxy Warriors
  • Rozen Trio
  • Team Blue
  • Team Moon
Favorite Food Hot dogs
  • Calling Ninetails names
  • Her friends
  • Her Sonic.EXE plush
  • Playing the guitar
  • Racing against Sonic
  • Running
  • Singing
  • Trolling Ninetails
  • Being bullied
  • Being called slow
  • Evil
  • Friends in trouble
  • Ninetails
  • Pink
  • Seeing someone cry
  • School
  • Sitting still
  • Spiders
Ability Type Speed
  • Dimension traveling
  • Hydrokinesis (complete fool)
  • Lunakinesis
  • Football
  • Singing
  • Swordsmanship
Extreme Gear Moon Blast
Special Attributes
  • Music box with the song 'Lilium'
  • A skull named 'Bones'

Lily is Yume's Main Mobian Character. She's a 14 year old wolf with a temper and attitude.

Design and ConceptEdit

If you would ask Yume how she got the idea for Lily, she will say something like "I just kind of put me, MinaLupe and the moon in a blender and she was the result." She will also say "I remember that I had a dream in which there was a girl with triple-colored hair who helped Harry and Ron to not get caught by Snape after they crashed the car into the tree. She had the strange name, 'Moonlight', and her outfit had so much detail that I wish that I could draw as good then as I can now, because I was unable to draw it all."

Yume is currently working on eventual edits in her design.


Lily was born on Dark Moon and has lived there until she as three. After that her family had to run away, otherwise an evil being known as Ninetails would kill them. They escaped to Mobius, where she lived a happy life until the birth of Mika, at which Ninetails killer her mother. Lily was later brought to Bernadette by an unknown hooded girl. When Lily woke up the next day she didn't remember anything from her life at all.

Lily grew up to be a tomboyish, rash girl. Sadly she saw her best friend Emma die. after which it went downhill with the relationship between her and her boyfriend Emile. However, she soon met Jenny who could actually lift her pain. They have been best friends ever since. She's had a month long relationship with Eye, but after a certain event she felt betrayed and moved on to his younger brother, Deimos, who's also more in her age group.

Currently she's single.


Lily is a blue wolf with triple colored hair. She also has two different eyecolors which is because of a 'condition' her soul has. She has a few scars around her neck and the fur on her left palm is slightly darker.


Beside the usual Dark Mooner abilities (Immunity against the cold, great jumping ability, needs less oxygen, etc) Lily is Lunakinetic, able to bend the moons light and, in some occasions, change it's phase. She's also Hydrokinetic, but never had proper training and is thus a complete fool. She can travel trough dimensions. She's able to keep up with Sonic.


  • Insane Lily
  • Super Lily
  • More coming soon :)


Lily is tomboyish, rash and kinda crazy. She fails to see the consequences of her actions and is really curious and thus has an affinity of bringing herself and the ones she loves in danger. However, she will do all she can to protect them, which tends to end in herself getting injured badly.

She has arachnophobia and detests spiders like the living hell.


Lily owns a powerful weapon known as the Soul Katana, which is able to slay souls, however, she hasn't yet learned how to access it's full power and thus it's just a normal old katana in her hands.

She also tends to use a chainsaw when she's angry, but more to threaten people then to actually harm them.


Lily is not able to fight with her left hand which means that is she breaks anything on her right arm, she'll be unable to fight properly until it's healed.

Her blue fur is also a weak spot for her.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 3
Attack 9
Spcl. Atk 10
Defense 5
Spcl. Def 9
Speed 10
Reflexes 5
Spcl. Ref 5
Psyche 7
Intellect 8
Total 71/100
Other Stats

Average Wolf

Hearing Average Wolf




Transformation ScreamsEdit

  • "Moon Power!"
  • "Moon Crystal Power!"
  • "Moon Existence Power!"

Attack ScreamsEdit

  • "Spinning Terror"
  • "Crystal Wounds"
  • 'Friendly Rose"

Normal QuotesEdit

  • "I've met lots of strange people, but Yume and Rin deserve a prize for being strange"
  • "Don't you dare! Or I'll do to you what I did to this poor guy. I call him Bones nowadays"
  • "I might be crazy, but hey! What can you do with an adoptive sis like mine?"
  • "G'night Bones"






Theme SongsEdit

Versions from other storiesEdit


  • Lily didn't actually kill someone to aquire Bones, she just one day woke up and the skull was on her pillow, grinning at her.
  • Lily has eye for detail, especially around the facial areas. She remembers eye colors and Demon Markings and connects them to the right person. This makes it very hard to fool her.
  • She's a big goof.

Broken Magical Girl RulesEdit

  • Lily is the tomboyish leader who hates pink and doesn't get her powers first.
  • Lily's attacks all include sharp objects. Spinning Terror uses her katana, Crystal Wounds has crystals and Friendly Rose isn't as friendly as the name says, as it contains yellow roses who strangle the foe and hurts them with their thorns.