Cquote1 I‘m not alone. I am surrounded by shining gems. Cquote2

Princess Sapphire of Gemland

Princess Sapphire

Main Appearances
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Biographical Information
Full Name Her Most Cold Highness, Princess Sapphire Mine III of Gemland
Birthplace Hilata Kingdom, Gemland
DOB 15th of January
  • Saph (by close friends)
  • Emerald (by Princess Destiny)
  • My Shining Gem (by Prince Wood)
  • Miss Boredoom (by Princess Limone)
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Sapphire Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 1,70 m
Weight 47 kg
Attire Formal mostly green Princess Dress, sometimes also blue.
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Lawful Good, ""
Favorite Food Loves Salad with some meat
  • Having Tea
  • Gems
  • Wintersport
  • The Cold
  • Balls and organizing them
  • Playing Piano and Flute
  • Athletics
  • Talking to strangers
  • Evil People who want to take over her kingdom
  • Heat
  • Seeing someone cry
  • Too loud people
  • Spiders
  • Playing Flute and Piano
  • Writing Poems
  • Wintersport
  • Piano
  • Flute
Special Attributes Mirror

Princess Sapphire is the main Mario OC of Rin. She is the 15-years old Princess of Gemland.

Design and Concept Edit

Sapphire is one of Rins oldest Charas, she didn't changed much in the years, but has an interesting story. When you ask Rin, when Sapphire was created, she will answer "In a time, were I was not very bright." First of all Rin just took the concept of the original princesses Daisy and Peach. With that she means, that both princesses got the name of things you can find in the nature. Rin choosed for her princess a gemstone. Now comes the funny part, Rin wanted to base her princess on an emerald. She did so. Her problem was then, that she didn't knew the english word for "emerald" back then. She found the name "Sapphire" somewhere in the internet and thought "Smaragd (Emerald in German) and "Sapphire" don't seem to be so different." So Sapphire got her name. Rin also totally forget, that there was a gemstone called "Saphir" in German.

History Edit

Sapphire was born in Gemland. 2 years later her sister was born. She had an nice pretty childhood. Till she turned 11 her Parents where on to a Travel to Tatrebut and never returned till now she suddenly need to rule the kingdom till her parents come back. Still she believes in it and waits for them.

Appearance Edit

Sapphire is an young, quiet tall girl in the age of 15. She is quiet slender and also very very pale. Her Eyes are Sapphireblue and her hair is blonde. Most of the time, she wears an green dress.

Abilities and Talents Edit

Sapphire is known for being able to stay very long in the cold, since she rules the coldest part in the Hilata Kingdom. She even manages this without long sleeves. Tough in her castle it is warm and in the other houses. She is also known for having perfect ears, similar to bats, since she lives deep in a cave. Sapphire also don't really need much food. This are all things without she can't live in a cave.

Next to that Sapphire plays awesomely the piano and is one of the greatest people in Wintersport, in the whole universe. Also she is known for organizing great balls, tough she stands in the shadow when the ball in on.

Personality Edit

Sapphire is a introverted silent girl who mostly is in the shadow. She is shy around others and scared of saying something wrong. When she talks she is extremely polite and treats the other person like it is the Queen of the Hilata Kingdom. Also she is a very honest, patient person . Around peoples she likes she is more open, even makes some jokes. Sapphire often talks with sarcasm, sometimes for humor..sometimes because she is annoyed. For some peoples Sapphire is kind of a mother figure. She is kind, honest and tells lovely stories. She cares a lot and is kind. Next to that Sapphire is stubborn and doesn't gives up that easy. Often she also just wants to be alone, she doesn't want to hurt her friends with that, she just needs loneliness sometimes.

Weapon Edit

Sapphire just has like every princess or prince in gem land an sword out of "Black Ecaps". She isn't really good in using it tough. Mostly because she doesn't want to fight.

Weaknesses Edit

Sapphire is an complete fool in fighting. Also she is very weak in the social area, during her introverted attitude. She can't stay long in the sun and is unbelievable bad in athletics and sport you are playing with a ball. With plants she can't work and everything she tries to plant is dying.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 2
Attack 4
Spcl. Atk 5
Defense 7
Spcl. Def 8
Speed 2
Reflexes 10
Spcl. Ref 10
Psyche 8
Intellect 9
Total 65/100
Other Stats

Average Human

Hearing Overaged Human

Quotes Edit

  • "It is a pleasure to meet you."
  • "Amberzing Ball." ("Amberzing" is an Gemlandish play with the words "amazing" and "Amber")
  • "There is nothing better, then the cold winter air."
  • "Wait a second please, I am having my tea."

Relationships Edit

Sister and close Friend Edit

Friends/Allies Edit

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned on top, Sapphires actual name should be Princess Emerald
  • In German Rin also still today mentions her as "Prinzessin Smaragd" (so Princess Emerald)
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