This is a wiki and of course wiki's have rules.

Overal RulesEdit

  1. Be nice to everyone. Getting reported multiple times for bad behaivor will result in a ban
  2. Don't rage at someone who gives you critism, it's only natural. If you report someone just because of critism, we would like to show what happened to everyone's favorite Erin Anthony.
  3. Don't be Erin Anthony in general. We really don't like that. Will result in a ban.
  4. Swearing is allowed, if kept minimal.
  5. Don't make a new account to get around a ban. Doing so will result in perma ban of your IP.
  6. No R34 please.

Canon adding/editing rulesEdit

  1. Only add information of which you are 110% sure it's canon. Depending of what is written you could be blocked by an angry admin. Especially if you refer Dreamworks around Rin.
  2. Making new pages is allowed if you know about the subject. Also refer to rule 1.
  3. Fanart in the Fanart galleries, naturally.

Fanon adding/editing rulesEdit

  1. Post in the right categories.
  2. When making a character, make sure it FITS in with the story. For example, NO shapeshifter werewolves (like Jacob Black) in Bittersweet.
  3. Don't steal characters or art, not from Yume, not from Rin, and not from anyone else. Doing so will result in a perma ban and your character will be moved to the wall of shame.
  4. Fanfictions are FINE, that's what the category is for. But it still needs to fit in with the mechanics of the original story.