The Female Slender is an Creepypasta by Rin and handels about a female version of Slendermen and her own story

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An little Village is visited every night by the Slendermen and the villagers get scared and more scared every day. The Professor then find inspiration in the phrase "To fight fire with fire". So he build a Female Version of Slender which he called Slenderwomen. He teached her how to speak and these two growed great friends. But sadly the villagers were scared of Albus' Creation and called her "a huge problem" and believed she will kill even more. So Slenderwomen killed every single villager. As she realized what she has done she is shocked and also comes to the conclusion it is all Slender's fault. So she put herself into an Red Riding Hood Costume, calls herself Red Riding Hood and searches for Slendermen to kill him.