This is an Story by Rin. It camed to her mind after watching an Let's Play of "Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea" and watching the anime "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt". It is not a rip-off. She will never ever do that.

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Silvery is the daughter of an Good Witch and an Angel. Because of that she is of course an Half Witch and an Half Angel. Sadly her Stepmother Isabel don't accept her as Angel and neither as Daughter. Still Silvery wants to prove she isn't just a Witch she is also an Angel. But then she gets an chance. For some years one of the Princesses in Heaven transformed herself into one of the most happiest dimension. Either it is the Disney-Dimension or the Dreamworks-Dimension. But now the Angels noticed the Demons are trying to ruin the Disney-Dimension and Dreamworks-Dimension and also want to kill the Princess. Now Silvery gets her chance to prove herself as an true Angel. She should search in all of the Disney-Dimension for the Princess and save her from the Demons. While her stepsister Flavia is searching in the Dreamworks-Dimension. Silvery and her Pet Chandra soon find help. The Weatherfairy, a Snowfairy, Rin is going to help her and teach her a bit of magic powers since Silvery still haven't trained them that much yet. Also Silvery was able to get friend with William an Starsheep. Now she is also able to travel to the Disney-Dimension. Her first Stadion is the World from "Snow White". Where she soon meets her Enemy. Adrianna Saturna. She is there to prove herself as Demon. Because she also is an hyperbrid. Her Mother was an Demon and her Father a Wizard. Because of that she is also half Witch and half Demon.